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31 August 2008 @ 08:24 pm
[FIC] Change of Heart - Chapter Twelve  
Title: Change of Heart
Author: Amouralamer
Length: 12/20 (Unless LJ makes me split them up further)
Pairings: Jaejoong/Changmin, Others
Rating: Nc-17
Warnings: Melodrama? Fluffy sap?
Genre: Au, Romance, Smut, Fluffy sap (Flap?)
Summary: Jaejoong and Changmin are straight, college students and fellow co-workers. A night out starts a chain reaction that changes their lives forever.

Disclaimer: They SHOULD belong to me.

A/N: Okay, so this is the chapter that I posted as a sneak preview all those months ago. It is a little different, I keep tweaking it and there is more to the end so please read it even if you already read the preview.


The next day Changmin shows up at work just as Jaejoong's shift ends. Ever since leaving Maki's place last night he has been doing some heavy thinking and he knows that he and Jaejoong need to talk. He sees Jaejoong exit the cafe, turn and lock the door. Jaejoong was closing tonight and it seems that everyone else had already left. Min walks up to Jaejoong and says,


"Hey." Jae replies, trying to smile and not doing a very creditable job of it. "I tried calling you last night, but couldn't reach you."

"I was with Maki", Min says.

"Oh." Jaejoong's imagination supplied him with vivid images of Changmin and his girlfriend. He used to like Maki, but now Jaejoong wished she would fall off the face of the Earth. For some reason his chest started to ache.

"We need to talk", Changmin's face was serious and Jaejoong knew what Min was going to say, but for some reason that he couldn't quite fathom, Jaejoong didn't want to actually hear the words spoken in Changmin's voice. Somehow that would make Min's rejection so much harder to take. He needed to head Changmin off at the pass.

Jaejoong sticks his hands into his pockets and takes a glance at Changmin before staring at his own feet.

"It's okay, you don't have to say anything." he says, "I know how you feel and I understand completely. Believe me, if anyone understands, it's me. And it's okay. You were curious." He shrugs,"Anyone would be. I was a little curious myself. You are a great kisser and we just let things get carried away. Got caught up in the heat of the moment. We're friends, there's nothing we need to be embarrassed about. It is just a good thing that we stopped last night before we did something we'd regret. I would have hated it if we weren't cool because we lost our heads and did something stupid. We'll just pretend that it never happened. Okay?"

Jaejoong looks up to see Min's reaction. Changmin is staring at him like he isn't speaking Korean.

"Let me get this straight." Min says still staring at him. Jaejoong can't read his expression at all.
"You are saying that you are glad that we stopped last night, that you're not really interested in doing...that...with me and you just want to pretend that it never happened?"

Jae isn't looking at Min again. Instead he is studying his shoes, or rather, it looks like he is studying his shoes. But, really he isn't seeing them at all.

Jaejoong has never been a good liar. He knows it and so does everybody else. He has never liked lies and insincerity, much preferring the truth and open honesty, but he can't tell Changmin the truth. So he just nods. Min says,

"Jae." with a soft disbelieving laugh, "It's too late for that. I can't go back." Min tilts his head, trying to see Jaejoong's lowered face.

"And how am I supposed to forget what happened last night? Your tongue was in my mouth, you had your hand down my pants and I could feel your erection against my stomach. There is no way I could go back to thinking of you as just my friend. I'd never be able to look at you the same way."

Jaejoong felt like his heart was breaking and Changmin wasn't even done yet.

"And after last night I am supposed to believe that you don't want me like that? Well, I don't. Not after last night. I think you did want me. I think you still want me. I think if we did try to act like nothing happened you'd secretly be thinking about getting into my pants. Am I wrong? Tell me I am wrong Jaejoong."

"You're wrong." Jaejoong whispered.

"I still don't believe you. Look at me Jaejoong. Look me in the eye and tell me that you don't really want me. Say it." Min reached out and grabbed Jaejoong's chin, lifting Jae's head until Changmin could see his face clearly.

"Say it."

Jaejoong tried to meet Min's gaze, but ended up staring at his ear instead. He opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. Clearing his throat a little he says,

"I d..don't want. You."

"Jae." Changmin says his name in a you're-going-to-have-to-do-better-than-that tone of voice as he gives Jaejoong's face a gentle shake. Jae meets Min's eyes and then swallows as he closes his own.

"Fine. I want you. Is that really what you want to hear?"

His sable lashes drift upward again and this time his focus no longer wavers. Jaejoong's eyes meet Changmin's head on and now Changmin wanted to look away, but he couldn't.

Those caliginous pools were awash with emotions. They skittered across the surface of Jaejoong's vision like wind blown clouds in a storm laden sky. Too fast to identify and Changmin felt like a mouse staring into the eyes of a cobra, paralyzed.

"I did want you last night. All I could think about was getting you naked. Of getting inside you. I wanted you wrapped around every part of me, your arms, your legs, your ass."

Changmin's fingers have gone numb and they drop away from Jaejoong's face.

"I know that you don't want me. That you don't feel the same. That you like girls. And it's okay. It's okay. Can't we just go back to being friends?" Jaejoong swallowed again and even though he doesn't want to know, he has to ask,

"Or do I disgust you now?" Jae is watching Changmin's face.
He looks shocked Jaejoong thinks to himself, no wonder, I can't believe I said all that out loud. Now I've lost my best friend. Feeling that there was nothing left to say he gives Changmin a sad smile and turns to leave.

This shakes Min out of his stupor. Without a word Min reaches out and grabs Jaejoong's upper arm, turning the shorter man back around and dragging him down the street.

"What are you doing?", Jaejoong wants to know. Min says nothing, just keeps walking with determination. Jaejoong is about to repeat his question when he realizes that they were heading in the direction of Changmin's apartment.

Min's apartment was about as far from the cafe as Jaejoong's was, but in the opposite direction. He lived there alone, except for an orange tabby cat that Changmin called Marmalade, named for a western condiment that Min was particularly fond of.

"Why are we going to your place? Min?"

Changmin still doesn't answer. Jaejoong is nervous. He doesn't know what to expect.

Changmin drags Jaejoong up 2 flights of stairs, unlocks his door, pushes Jae inside and slams the door behind them. Then reaching up, he grabs Jaejoong's face again, this time to kiss him breathless.

Min hasn't forgotten the taste of Jaejoong and finds it just as potent today as it was last night. Changmin had no need to coax Jaejoong into opening his mouth, the minute Min's lips had touched his he had gasped at the unexpected move and Changmin wasted no time in taking advantage of this fortuitous circumstance.

Min slid his tongue against the roof causing Jaejoong to gasp again as that was a particularly sensitive area for him. Then his tongue danced around the velvet roughness of Jaejoong's.

Jaejoong's surprise only lasted for a second and then his body took over and he was kissing Changmin back with everything inside him.

Changmin was wearing a plaid button up shirt open over a t-shirt and as Jaejoong pulled it off Min's shoulders and down his arms in a fervor to get Changmin out of his clothes Min reached down and gripped Jae's hips. He ground his erection against Jaejoong's, causing Jae to moan and bury his face in Min's neck.

Then to Changmin's surprise, Jaejoong shoves him away.

"Jae, what..."

"What do you want from me Min?",

Changmin is taken aback. Jaejoong was glaring at him.

Jaejoong has never glared at Changmin in all the years he has known him. Min thinks to himself that he doesn't think he has ever seen Jaejoong glare at anyone before.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean one minute you can't stand to touch me and the next you're all over me. You tell me you don't want me and then you drag me to your apartment, I assume, to fuck me. Just what do you want from me?"

Min is shocked by Jaejoong's outburst. Running his hands through his hair, he tries to make sense of it.

"I...w-what? Jaejoong, when did I ever say I didn't want you? Why...What makes you think I don't want to touch you? You're not making any sense."

"You said it last night."

"I never did!"

"You said you couldn't touch me. IT'S THE SAME DAMN THING!"

Changmin flinched. Jaejoong was yelling now. Min had never heard Jae yell before either. He was loud.

"You left me and then ran to your girlfriend. YOU COULD TOUCH HER RIGHT?"

Glaring and yelling, Min took a cautious step back just in case Jaejoong decided to get violent. He had never seen a violent Jaejoong, but he had never seen him glare or yell before either.

Wracking his brain, Changmin tried to recall exactly what he had said last night that could have made Jaejoong think these things. What did I say? And then Min remembered what he said and saw how it must have looked to Jaejoong. And Changmin realized how hurt Jae must be to make him this mad now. Speaking softly he said,

"Jaejoong, what I said last night was 'I can't'. Not 'I can't touch you'. I didn't mean that I couldn't touch you, that I didn't want you. I had to leave. I couldn't finish what we were starting, not last night."

"Oh? And what makes tonight any different? What? You can touch me tonight because now it's a full moon? Because it's a Tuesday? Because tonight there's nothing good on t.v.?"

Okay, sarcasm. Sarcasm he was familiar with.

"Is this going to be a repeat of last night? Huh? Will it be a pattern in the future? You'll kiss and touch me and then go see your girlfriend?" Jaejoong sneered at him. He actually sneered! It was hot. "Am I like foreplay Min? You can't fuck her until I get you hard?"

"I broke up with her."


"I couldn't...I couldn't be with you until I wasn't with her." Min shook his head. "I won't be a cheater Jaejoong. I refuse to let that be a part of who I am."

Now it was Jaejoong's turn to flinch. The name Yoochun hung in the air between them, unspoken. Both chose to ignore it, for now. Jaejoong swallowed,

"I thought you didn't want me. I thought I disgusted you."

Jae was no longer glaring and yelling so Min figured it was safe to approach him now. Stepping in close, Changmin gently gripped Jae's shoulders.

"Jaejoong. I don't just want you, I ache for you. My every thought aches for the touch and taste", Min buries his face into the crook of Jaejoong's neck, wrapping his arms around the other man and taking a deep breath "and scent of you."

But most of all my heart aches for you. Min kept that last thought to himself. He knew it was too early to speak of things like that, especially when Jaejoong was still with Yoochun. That made his heart ache too.

"I'm sorry Changmin-ah."

"And I'm sorry you thought that I didn't want you. I wish I had explained myself last night."

They just held each other, Jaejoong was running his hands over Changmin's back.



"I can't believe you yelled at me."

Jaejoong lets out a soft laugh. Min pulled back enough to look into his friend's face.

"You never even yelled at Junsu that time he made your souffle fall and that was the maddest I had ever seen you. But you yelled at me. And glared. And sneered! You were scary."

Jaejoong scoffs at him. "I'm not scary."

"It was like facing Mrs.Kim. You're more like your Umma than I thought. It was like a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon thing. Or maybe the Hulk."

Jaejoong laughs, covering his mouth with his hand as Changmin pretends to swell with rage.

"I thought you were going to kill me."


"I'll show you 'sissy'."

And with that Min lifts the older man and Jaejoong immediately wrapped his legs around Changmin's waist.

"Oh yeah," Jae says. "this will teach me."

"Let's just finish what we started."

Min leaned forward to claim Jaejoong's lips. They were red and swollen, but this time it was from his kisses and not Yoochun's. Min quickly pushed the thought of Yoochun away. Not yet.

Pulling away from Changmin's mouth Jaejoong nibbled on his ear and then flicked his tongue inside, causing Min to jerk and moan. Leaning in Jae sucked on Min's neck like it was the last ice cube in the Saharan desert.

Meanwhile, Changmin started heading for the bedroom and more importantly, the bed. His attention was barely sufficient to get them through the doorway instead of running into it. He just walks forward until his legs hit the mattress and losing his balance they fall onto it.

Neither one really notices, too wrapped up in each other. Changmin's usually steady and dexterous fingers search out the buttons of Jaejoong's shirt, but are thwarted by their own fumbling.

Min can't spare the attention to remedy the situation, he is too busy kissing Jaejoong. With an impatient growl he just rips it open instead and is rewarded with the perfect, pale, silky smooth skin of Jaejoong's toned chest.

Changmin stops kissing Jaejoong long enough to watch as his hand caresses Jaejoong's body, starting at the nape of Jae's neck, Min watches as he runs the back of his fingers down the center of Jae's chest and across his left nipple then drags the tips over Jaejoong's abs, ghosting across Jae's navel piercing to hook just the first joint of his graceful fingers underneath the waistband of Jaejoong's jeans, sliding them from left to right.

The sensation caused Jae's stomach muscles to jump and his breath to catch in the back of his throat. Min can only think one thing: Jaejoong is beautiful. Everywhere.
Reaching down, Jaejoong grips the hem of Changmin's t-shirt and tugs it up and over Min's head. Throwing it aside he tunnels his fingers into the thick hinterland of Changmin's hair and pulls him back down to once again claim Min's shapely lips.

Min's fingers are desperately trying to undo the catch on Jaejoong's pants, but again, not having much luck. A random thought flickers across his lust fogged brain: It is a good thing I'm not studying to be a surgeon. Pulling up into a kneeling position to give himself better access, ignoring the disapproving noises coming from Jae's throat, he quickly divests Jaejoong of his remaining clothes and even quicker, removes his own.

This however was not quick enough for Jaejoong who, having been too long without touching Changmin, now takes matters into his own hands. Sitting up and wrapping his arms around Min's shoulders Jae pushes, pulls and twists until he is on top.

Straddling Changmin's stomach, a look of triumph in his hooded obsidian eyes, Jaejoong leans forward tilting Min's head up and to the side to give himself better access to the long column of Changmin's throat. Min groans as Jaejoong nibbles his way across Min's chin and jaw, down to where his neck and shoulder meet then back up to suckle on Changmin's Adam's apple.

Running his pale hands down Changmin's tan chest Jaejoong pauses to tease Min's nipple. Bringing his head to where his hand lays Jae bites Changmin's right nipple causing a shocked gasp of "Jaejoong!" to burst from Min's pretty mouth.

Looking up with a grin on his face Jaejoong sees something unexpected in Changmin's...uncertainty. With a tilt of his dusky head Jaejoong studies Min's face and has an unexpected revelation.

"Min...are you...have you ever done this before...with anyone? A girl?"

Unable to look away Changmin just barely shakes his head.
"You're the first" he whispers.

Jaejoong is overwhelmed. Swallowing past the lump in his throat and closing his eyes against their sudden stinging, he cups Min's face and places small tender kisses on the honey sweet lips of his best friend.

Then, going back to the spot his teeth had abused the moment before, he places a gentle kiss there instead. Darting his tongue out, Jaejoong flicks at the sensitive nub to the sound of Min's harsh breaths.

Moving to it's neglected twin, Jaejoong brushes his lush lips back and forth across it while his fingers circle and dip into Changmin's belly button.

Changmin, who doesn't know what to do with his hands, has a deathgrip on the headboard. Jaejoong trails wet open-mouthed kisses down Min's seemingly oxygen-deprived body then lets his tongue delve into the musky promise of Changmin's navel.

Reaching up, Jae places his fingers under Min's arms and teasingly draws the tips down Changmin's sides. Min writhes at the ticklish sensation and can't help a small bark of laughter. Jaejoong smiles against his lover's skin.

Changmin's abdominal muscles involuntarily contract as Jae's talented tongue draws invisible graffiti across the sensitive skin just above his groin and Jaejoong's hands run up the insides of Min's thighs.

Finally, Jaejoong is faced with the center of the other man's pleasure. He has avoided looking there as he explored Min with his tongue, a little nervous still.

He hesitates to touch Min. He has never touched another man like this and feels a little strange. Like what he is doing is wrong. Tentatively, he takes Min in a loose grip. Min jumps a little.

Jae strokes first down and then back up to run his thumb across the weeping tip. Min's heavy pants have turned into moans and the sound alone would have been enough to turn Jaejoong on if he hadn't been already.

Pushing his hand back down he squeezes the base and with tightened fingers, tugs upwards again to run his thumb around the head. With each pump of his fist he coats Changmin in his own precum.

As another pearl of creamy fluid appears at the tip of Changmin's erection, the thought crosses Jaejoong's mind to taste him, but he just doesn't think he can bring himself to do it.

Jaejoong glances up and freezes at the sight that meets his eyes. Changmin, neck arched, head thrown back and to the side, long hair falling over his face, eyes clamped shut, panting, muscles straining as he clutches the headboard, his stomach heaving while he gasps for air.

Stunning. Jaejoong has wanted Changmin, but he has never fully appreciated just how beautiful the other man really is. He is just stunning.

Jaejoong remembers then that Changmin has never been with anyone else. That only he has ever seen Min like this, open and unguarded, vulnerable. Only he has ever touched Min like this.
Only me.

A wave of smugness sweeps over him. Mine. From that moment on Jaejoong lost all inhibitions where Changmin was concerned.

As Jaejoong slid Min into his mouth, Min releases his hold on the wood above his head to take just as unyielding a grasp of Jaejoong's hair. Running his hands over Jaejoong's scalp Changmin released a deep groan that sent a sensual shiver sluicing down Jaejoong's spine.

Bobbing his head twice quickly then slowly increasing the suction, Jae slid up until only the head was still in his mouth. Holding it gently with his teeth Jaejoong ran the tip of his tongue across the slit.

The noises Min was making to every little brush of his lips and tongue was music to Jaejoong's ears. Listening to the sound of Changmin's pleasure as he drug his pouting lips along the vein from top to bottom, the thought came to him that he could do this all day.

Reaching the tip again, Jaejoong took Min back into the hot recesses of his mouth.

The taste of him was...dark. A little sweet, not much, but enough that Jaejoong thought to himself, molasses. He loved the taste of Changmin...the feel of him at the back of his throat, on the roof of his mouth.

"J..Jae..Jaejoong", Min could barely say his name.

"Ummhmm?", Jae's answer was muffled for obvious reasons.

"I..AH! I'm not..Uhhh...can'tlast...muchlonger.",

Feeling a tug on his hair Jaejoong let himself be pulled up to lay on Min's chest. He kisses Min, letting Min taste himself on Jaejoong's tongue. Then Jaejoong takes a deep breath and opens his mouth to ask Changmin a question he never thought would ever pass his lips.

"Do you have anything we can use as a lubricant?"

Not bothering with words, Min immediately reaches under his pillow and withdraws a yellow tube. Jaejoong just stares for a second and then lets out a laugh.

"I'm not even going to ask", he says taking the tube from Changmin's hand.

Popping open the cap, Jae squirts a small amount onto his palm and with the fingers of his other hand he tests the texture. As Changmin also rubs a finger through the lube in Jaejoong's palm, Jaejoong catches the scent of banana.

Looking at the label on the tube Jaejoong starts to shake with the laughter he is trying so hard to suppress. Losing the battle, he wraps his arm around Min's waist, buries his face against Min's chest and surrenders, letting it all out.


"What?", Changmin asks, unable to stop a grin at the other man's hilarity. "What's so funny?"

"You are", Jaejoong gasps between guffaws. Holding his breath in the vain hope of being able to control his laughter long enough to get a whole sentence out, he says in a strained voice, hand over his mouth,

"Of course you would buy flavored lube! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Min reluctantly starts to laugh, too.
"Shut up! I was curious."

Min has never been accused of being stupid, he knows that now is not the time to tell Jaejoong that there are 11 other flavors in the drawer of his nightstand.

"It s-s-says, Hahahahahaha! 'Big Banana'! Hahahahahaha! 'Big Banana'! Hahahahahahaha!"

To shut his friend up Min grabs Jae's arms and pulls him up, gently removing the hand that was covering Jaejoong's beautiful smile so that Min can kiss his still snickering lips.

Changmin is overcome with tenderness and an incandescent joy at having Jaejoong in his arms like this.

As Min kisses Jaejoong through the occasional humor induced hiccup he is inundated with emotion. I love him so damn much, he thinks and his heart starts to race, almost a panic. The magnitude of it terrified him. What if I lose him? His arms convulse around Jaejoong, tighten like a boa constrictor until Jae makes a sound of protest and he lets up. A little.

Min pushes the thought away. The horror of a life without Jaejoong was not to be contemplated. He forces himself to focus on the here and now.

Jaejoong, having more or less gotten himself under control with the help of Changmin's lust inducing kisses, pulls away to kneel between Min's thighs. Coating his cock with the banana flavored lube, he looks at Min with the same sort of uncertainly that Min had shown earlier. Changmin was shocked to realize that this was a first for Jaejoong as well.

With the way Jae and Yoochun had been all over each other it never once crossed Min's mind that they hadn't slept together. He knew Jaejoong had slept with women, with his face they had been throwing themselves at him almost before he entered puberty.

It may be silly since he knew that Jaejoong wasn't a stranger to sex and sexual intimacy, but Min felt glad to know that Jae had never touched another man like this.

For some reason that made a difference. Min tells him,

"First, you need to use your fingers to stretch me out so that I'll be able to take you more easily."

With a raised eyebrow Jaejoong asks,
"How do you know that?"

Min, knowing that if he actually told Jaejoong the truth, that he had researched the subject on the internet very carefully, he ran the risk of losing the other man to his sense of humor again.

And he'd be called a nerd.

Not a fate he was willing to risk at the moment, because as much as his heart rejoiced to hold a naked laughing Jaejoong in his arms, The rest of his body demanded that a naked Jaejoong be doing other things.

"I'll tell you later", he said.

Jaejoong smirked like he already knew the answer to his question.

Coating his fingers, Jaejoong pushed one of Changmin's legs to the side with one of his own and lifted Min's other leg up over his left shoulder.

Rubbing across Min's entrance with his slick fingertip a few times he then pushed gently until the tip disappeared inside. He immediately felt pressure as Changmin's body tried to expel the foreign object.

Taking a deep breath and trying to relax, Min signaled Jaejoong to go ahead.

Pushing a little harder until his finger was in up to the webbing, Jae looks at Min's face to judge his reaction. Panting, Min seems okay so Jaejoong pulled his finger most of the way out and slides it in again marveling at the heat and tightness, the way Min's inner walls gripped his finger. As he feels Min loosen up Jaejoong slides another finger into him.
Watching Min, Jae complies when Changmin makes a scissoring motion with his fingers. Gently, he copies Min's gesture and stretches the younger man out.

"Good enough", Min gasps. "I think that's good enough. I don't want to wait any longer".

Letting Min's leg down, Jaejoong leans over, his left arm supporting his weight next to Min's right hip. Jaejoong takes himself in hand and guides his slickened member to Changmin's heat.

Gripping Min's hips with both hands Jaejoong starts to slowly sink into the man beneath him with a gasping groan. Changmin grips Jaejoong's wrists tightly as he starts to feel a burning sensation.

"Are you okay?", Jaejoong is concerned, noting the obvious discomfort Min was in.
"Do you want me to pull out?"

Changmin just shakes his head and tilts his hips a little more. Jae takes this as the invitation it is and inch by inch moves deeper into Changmin's body until his balls were pressed flush against Min's ass.

Stopping then, they both took a moment to assimilate.

Jaejoong couldn't believe the sensation. Min was hotter and tighter than anything he had ever felt before. Watching Min as he got used to having Jaejoong inside of him, Jae leaned forward and nuzzled his neck, kissing and stroking him in an attempt to help him relax.

Min was getting used to the intrusion quicker than he had previously thought he would. It wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as he had imagined it would be.

The fullness inside him. The sheer bliss of being taken by Jaejoong, of such closeness with the one he loved was priceless.

Every sound of pleasure that Jaejoong breathed into Changmin's ear was another reason for his heart to beat. He couldn't help a tear escaping as he caressed Jae's magnificent back. I'm so in love with you, he thought.

Skimming his hands over Jaejoong's sides he slid them down and over Jae's ass and hips. Soon the sense of fullness wasn't enough and Min tugged softly on his lover's hips in a subtle demand for movement.

Kissing Changmin on the lips, Jaejoong started to move. Slow and shallow at first until Min started gasping into his ear,


Jae was only too happy to accommodate him. They had found and settled into a rhythm when Jaejoong readjusted his hold and ended up tilting Min's hips as he thrust into him.

The man beneath him cried out and arched his back, twisting to the side and wrapping his arms around his head.

Jaejoong, fearing that he had hurt his friend, came to a standstill.

"I'm sorry", he said softly, sweat glistening on his beautiful face. "I didn't mean to hurt you".

"Jaejoong", Changmin moans, "Do it again".

Jae is shocked and then his whole perception of the moment changes with the realization that what he thought was a cry of pain was actually one of extreme enjoyment.

Heaving a sigh of relief Jaejoong grips Changmin's hips again and tries to recreate whatever it was he had done a minute ago. A few failed attempts later, he got it. After that Min was on a countdown to detonation.

Changmin wrapped his arms around Jaejoong's neck in a near choke-hold, breathing his name over and over again until Jae felt Min arch and stiffen beneath him.

A moment later he felt Min's release help ease the friction between their sweat slickened torsos and the tight hot walls gripping him started to spasm.

Changmin's insides rippled, milking Jae's cock, and Jaejoong too lost control. With a loud cry Jaejoong filled his lover with the proof of his pleasure.

After what felt like an eternity of orgasmic aftershocks, when at least partial functionality had been restored to Jaejoong's brain he carefully pulled out of Changmin and rolled over to lay beside him.

He felt shell shocked. That was amazing was all he could think. Still panting heavily, he turned to look at his lover and saw that Min looked a little uncomfortable.

"What's the matter Min? Did I hurt you?" Jaejoong asked as he rolled onto his side facing the younger man.

Min just shook his head not looking at Jaejoong as he said,

"I was just kind of wondering. What happens next?"

Jae was unsure what Min was referring to,
"What do you mean?"

"I mean what do we do now. When you have sex with a girl what do you normally do? After."

Feeling very young, Changmin could feel his face heating up and hoped that his tan hid the blush of his cheeks. Min knew what he wanted to happen. He wanted to cuddle.

He would have just taken Jae into his arms, but what if Jaejoong didn't feel the same way? What if Jae told him he was acting like a girl and real men didn't cuddle?

Suddenly Min felt Jaejoong's hand grip his arm and start to shove him over and away from him as though to push him out of the bed.

Changmin thought that Jaejoong was making a joke, like after he was done with them he would send them on their way. He was about to laugh when Jaejoong wrapped that same arm around Changmin's waist and pulled Min back against his chest.

Then Changmin realized that Jaejoong had just been maneuvering him into position. He felt Jae reach over the edge of the bed to the comforter that had ended up on the floor in their earlier frenzy and drag it up and over the both of them.

Once they were both covered, Jaejoong tunneled one arm under Changmin's pillow and curved it around Min's shoulder, then he put his other arm back around Min's torso where they met in the middle.

Changmin was now cocooned in Jaejoong's embrace. He could feel Jaejoong along the entire length of his body. Happy now, drifting off in drowsy, post-coital bliss Min thought to himself that nothing was better than this. Except...



"Are you going to make me breakfast in the morning?"

A soft laugh was followed by a softer kiss on Min's shoulder.

Min could feel Jae stoke him softly, almost petting him, placing kisses on his shoulder and the nape of his neck.

"This is nice."

As soon as the words escaped his mouth Changmin wished he could take them back. They sounded stupid and Jaejoong immediately stopped petting him.

Jaejoong was quiet for a minute while Changmin held his breath.



"You asked what I normally do with a woman after sex?"

Jae was quiet again. Changmin gripped the arms still wrapped around his chest in a silent encouragement to go on.

"I don't usually do this with the women I have sex with".

"You don't?"

Jaejoong shakes his head.

"No. I usually just go to sleep and when I wake up she is usually gone or up and getting ready to go."

Min was a little afraid to ask, but felt compelled to.
"What made you do it now then?"

"I don't know." Jae replies, then burying his face in the wealth of Changmin's long hair he says quietly,
"But, it is nice."

Min swallows hard around the lump of hope lodged in his throat. A hope that maybe he isn't as foolish as he thought to entertain the idea that Jae would leave Yoochun to be with him.

He was Jaejoong's best friend, his first male lover and the first person Jaejoong had ever wanted to cuddle with. Surely that had to mean something?

They were going to have to talk in the morning and Min knew it might ruin everything between them, so for now he would pretend that all was well and enjoy every moment with Jaejoong to the fullest. Just in case this was all he would ever have of him.


Yunho is at a club. He thought it might help him forget about Junsu. Wrong! All it did was make him realize just how much he truly wanted the other man.

After spending the evening fending off the advances of both sexes, Yunho knew he'd made a mistake coming here. Now on top of being lonely and miserable, he was also drunk off his ass.

Looking over towards the end of the bar, the bartender noticed that Yunho had passed out. Shaking his head he walked over to the lump laying against the counter. Seeing that Yunho had been clutching his phone the bartender gently removed it from his grasp and looked at the display.

"Junsu." Thinking that the inebriated man had been intending to call a friend for a ride home, the bartender pressed send.


Waking up from a sound sleep to the ringing of his cellphone, Junsu's first thought is that something bad had happened. After all, who called you in the middle of the night? Hospitals and policemen.

Blinking the sleep from his bleary eyes, his heart lurches as the display comes into focus. Is that? Yunho's number?


"Is this Junsu?"

Su didn't recognize the voice. "Nae. Who is this?"

"My name is Dong Il. I am a bartender at Revolution. Sorry to bother you so late at night, but your friend here has passed out and needs to be picked up."

Junsu was finally made to understand exactly what had happened. Knowing that Yunho had no family that he could call, Junsu told the bartender that he was on his way.

Yunho wakes up enough that with the help of a bouncer, Junsu was able to get him into a taxi. Pulling out Yunho's ID Junsu was able to give the driver Yunho's address.

Finally, after much cursing, Junsu had maneuvered Yunho into his bed. Su was tempted to just leave the man there fully dressed, but in the end he couldn't do it.

Undressing Yunho and making sure he was comfortable and covered, Su sat next to Yunho on the bed and just watched him sleep for a while.

Then, after smoothing the hair from Yunho's forehead, Junsu left.



Cast Pics!

The lovely Kim Jaejoong! Okay. So I put in the smaller pic, but I added a second one!

The exquisite Shim Changmin!

Horikita Maki

The charismatic Kim Junsu!


The aegyo Jung Yunho!


The sultry Park Yoochun!

The delectable Joo Jihoon!

Kim Heechul. How can you not love Chullie!

Kang Eun Bi. Blech!

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