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26 August 2008 @ 02:56 pm
[FIC] Change of Heart - Chapter Eight  
Title: Change of Heart
Author: Amouralamer
Length: 8/20 (Unless LJ makes me split them up further)
Pairings: Jaejoong/Changmin, Others
Rating: Nc-17
Warnings: Melodrama? Fluffy sap?
Genre: Au, Romance, Smut, Fluffy sap (Flap?)

Summary: Jaejoong and Changmin are straight, college students and fellow co-workers. A night out starts a chain reaction that changes their lives forever.

Disclaimer: Jaejoong owns me. Sometimes he loans me to Min.

A/N: Okay, here it is! The beginning of JaeMin and some smut! LOL! I'm going to post again tomorrow because it may be my last post until Sunday, September 7th(?). I'm going to the beach! YAY! XD


As soon as the boys arrived, Yoochun laid claim to Jaejoong. Welcoming Jaejoong's brother, whom he had never met, Chun told them to make themselves at home. Taking Jaejoong around, Yoochun introduced his "boyfriend" to some of his friends and Jaejoong finally got to meet Jihoon who was wandering through the apartment, taking pictures.

Yoochun had provided a bar complete with bartender to get his guests whatever libation they were in the mood for. Junsu and Changmin approached the bar and got themselves something to drink. Junsu ordered something mildly alcoholic and took a sip while boldly meeting Changmin's disapproving stare. Turning around they survey the scene.


As Donghae and Yunho arrive at the address given to them by Donghae's friend, they find the door wide open and people coming in and out. It doesn't take long for them to realize that the party is being given by the one person Yunho really doesn't want to run into. Looking around, Donghae spots Yoochun across the living room making out on a scarlet sofa with Kim Jaejoong.
Seeing them and hoping that Yunho hasn't seen them too Donghae suggests that they hit a club instead.

As Yunho looks across the room, Donghae hears Yunho's breath catch.

"Uh, no, you go ahead. There's someone I want to talk to."

"Are you sure?" Donghae is surprised, but as Yunho nods his head he says, "Okay. Come join me later if you feel like it."
Heading out the door Donghae wonders if Yunho is really as over Jaejoong as he claims to be.

Changmin has a clear view of Jaejoong and Yoochun. He fully intends to spend the entire night watching them. The time Jaejoong spent with Yoochun bothered him and he couldn't figure out exactly why.

He couldn't stop thinking about the way Jaejoong kissed Yoochun and his mind kept supplying him with disturbing visions of them in bed together.

Jaejoong leaned over and blew softly across the tip of.... Shaking his head Min tried to rid himself of the image that had just invaded his mind.

This whole thing between the two of them has become somewhat of an obsession for Changmin. There was a puzzle here that needed to be solved. The way he saw it the problem was two-fold.

One: Something about a romantic relationship between Jaejoong and any guy, much less Park Yoochun...well, Changmin just couldn't wrap his mind around it. And

Two: Changmin couldn't stop thinking about it. Why it preyed on his mind so much he didn't know. He did know that until he figured out what was bothering him he'd never have a moments peace.

Min had three reasons for thinking that all was not what it seemed.

Exhibit A: Jaejoong was straight. Changmin had never seen him look at another man in an interested way, ever. Then all of a sudden Park Yoochun shows up and now Jaejoong is gay? This seemed unlikely even though Changmin had lost count of the times that he had seen the two of them sucking face. That brought him to,

Exhibit B: Jaejoong was a very private person. Not the sort of person to engage in PDA's. And that was with a girl. Now here he was with a guy kissing in public every chance he got? That was just so totally unlike Jaejoong.
And finally,

Exhibit C: Jaejoong was taking money from Yoochun? And not just a couple of bucks, but a million dollars?! He just met the man! That was so far out of character for his friend that Changmin still couldn't fathom it.

He didn't know what was going on, but nothing made sense and Changmin was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Eyes on the "lovebirds" Changmin sees Yoochun suddenly grab Jaejoong's arm and practically fling him onto the sofa where Yoochun then throws himself onto Jae and proceeds to kiss him. Tilting his head as he watches them Min thinks to himself that it kind of looks like Jaejoong was bitten on the tongue by a poisonous snake and Yoochun was determined to save his life by sucking out the venom.

Reminded of Junsu's presence only when Su says, "I think I'll mingle." Changmin mumbles something in response, never taking his eyes off of Jaejoong.


Junsu was nursing his drink and watching the crowd. Changmin was unusually quiet. Su had noticed that Min was quiet a lot lately. Junsu wondered if Min was more upset that Jaejoong was gay than he let on.

Gaze sweeping the sea of strange faces his eyes lock with those of a man across the room. Junsu feels a jolt of electricity shoot down his spine. Su can tell by the look in his eyes that the other man intends to approach him. With Min there Junsu can't risk talking to him. Turning to Min Junsu says,
"I think I'll mingle."

Not waiting for Changmin's reply Su gives the man a come-hither look and skirting the room, makes his way out onto the balcony. Yoochun's balcony wrapped around two sides of his apartment building. Sure that the other man would follow him, Junsu turned into the furthest corner and waited.

He doesn't have long to wait. The dark haired man rounded the corner and stalked towards him. He looks good Junsu thinks to himself.

This was a first for Junsu. He has never run into one of his one night stands before. He had never thought to see this man again. That was the way he liked it. That was the way he intended to keep it, but before he can say anything the man walks right up to Su and kisses him.

He grabs Junsu's head in a vise-like grip and ravages Su's mouth. There is no gentleness in the gesture, he invades and conquers. His tongue seeks out every crevice, tasting alcohol. He was panting harshly into Junsu's open mouth, unwilling to break the kiss just to breathe. Reaching down he unfastens Junsu's pants and slides his hand inside, past the cotton of Junsu's slacks and boxers to the silk of his skin. At the sounds of Su's low moans the man grips and tugs and pumps as he sucks on Junsu's tongue until Junsu is lost to everything but sensation.

Su's head spun and it takes a minute for him to realize that the rest of him spun, too. The man was now pressed up against Junsu's back and Junsu in turn was pressed against the balcony railing. The wind rushing between the buildings ran cool fingers through his hair. The man behind him yanked Su's pants down to mid-thigh and Junsu immediately felt a pressure between his cheeks. Everything happened so fast that Junsu didn't have a chance to object, not that he would have. He grasped the railing just in time to brace himself as his lover took a punishing hold on his hips and pushed into him with one powerful thrust. Unable to contain the cry that escaped his lips, Junsu had a split second where he was grateful for the loud music in the apartment behind them, it would mask any sounds they made.

The pain of his unprepared penetration barely had time to register. Then the man was moving and Su forgot the pain as pleasure replaced it. Using his body to pin Junsu against the black iron of the balcony railing, keeping Su in place for his thrusts, the man let go of Junsu's hips and slid his hands inside of Su's jacket and underneath his shirt, rubbing Su's abs with one hand and moving up to tweak a nipple with the other.

Reaching over his shoulder, Junsu grabbed his lover's hair and pulled, hard, until he could press their lips together. Breaking the kiss with a moan as the other man started stroking Junsu's weeping sex in time with his thrusts, Junsu faced forward, clinging to the railing as he felt his climax approaching with the speed of light. As Junsu came in the hand of his lover he could feel the man's thrusts becoming erratic and knew he wouldn't hold out much longer. Deliberately clenching and unclenching his inner muscles, Su soon had his lover filling him with a liquid heat and as they rode out their orgasms Junsu opened his eyes to the sight of Seoul spread out before him, a kaleidoscope of dazzling color. The lights and the sounds, the wind and the river Han. It was breathtaking. All of it.

Junsu lazily watched the progress of a plane across the night sky as he waited for his heart to stop racing and his breathing to slow down. His lover now had his arms wrapped around Su and was laying gentle kisses on Junsu's neck and ear. Leaning forward in a silent request Junsu felt the man withdraw his softened flesh from Junsu's body. Straightening his clothes Junsu is thinking that he needs to get out of there. Fast. He just had sex with a guy for the second time and forget the fact that that was completely against his rules, his brother was 100 feet away! He needed to get out of there before he got caught and outed. Su stiffened as he felt hands reach out and turn him. The other man smiled at him and said,

"Hi, my name is Yunho. I don't think we've been properly introduced."

Junsu flinched as he heard the other man's name. Yunho was looking at him expectantly, waiting for Junsu to reciprocate, but since Junsu would rather gnaw his own arm off than tell this guy his name (no matter how good a lay he was) Su just pulled him down for a scorching kiss. Su's plan to distract Yunho from the unspoken question of his name seemed to have worked because the guy just said,

"Come home with me?"

Junsu opened his mouth to say no,

What the hell?! Just wanting to get rid of this guy so he could think Su told him,
"Wait for me downstairs."

With a final peck on the lips Yunho said,
"Don't be long." and turned to leave.

Watching Yunho walk away Junsu wants to slap himself as he realizes that he is watching the other man's ass. What am I going to do? His thoughts go back to Yunho and a voice in his head whispers Go home with him. Su wants him. Yunho. Yunho is hot and the sex is the best he's ever had. Junsu is scared. He wants Yunho. He doesn't want to want Yunho. He is getting married soon. He promised himself this wouldn't happen anymore. Just tonight, he says to himself. Just give me tonight. Having made his decision, Junsu follows Yunho back into the crowded apartment.


Yoochun, who had noticed Yunho as soon as he arrived has been all over Jaejoong ever since. Making out with Jaejoong and trying to keep an eye on Yunho at the same time, Yoochun eventually ended up laying between Jae's legs. He lost sight of his target for a while, but catching sight of Yunho again, Yoochun watches as the other man leaves swiftly. Yoochun figures Yunho can't take watching he and Jaejoong anymore and that is why he left. With Yunho gone Yoochun climbs off of Jaejoong and sits next to him on the sofa. As they catch their breath, Jaejoong leans up on his elbows and says,
"What was that all about?"

"Yunho was here."

Jaejoong started looking around.
"What? What is Yunho doing here? Where is he?"

"He left already."

Jaejoong's expression turns grim.
"So that is why you attacked me? Putting on a show for Yunho? I should have known."

Yoochun's grin is unrepentant.


Yoochun thinks he is bothering Yunho, but it is Changmin who is the most disturbed. He can't take his eyes off the "couple". It just felt...unreal. Min only had heterosexual relationships to judge by, but they just didn't seem...couple-y.

Maybe that was just the way it was between two men. He didn't know. All he knew was that he couldn't accept Yoochun and Jaejoong as a couple. Watching the two of them grope each other on the couch was too much. When Yoochun maneuvered himself between Jaejoong's legs, Changmin had to look away. That was when he noticed Yunho. He wondered if Yunho had seen Jaejoong and Yoochun going at it? Yunho was leaving in an awful hurry so Changmin thinks that he must have. It had to be painful for Yunho to watch his ex with the man he wanted himself. Feeling sorry for Yunho, Changmin turned to look back at Jaejoong only to see Chun sit up on the sofa and Jae lean up onto his elbows. The two were just talking to each other now. Looks like the show was over for the night.

Changmin was about to search out the food when suddenly everything seemed to go into slow-motion and the room got 20 degrees hotter in an instant.

Jaejoong had laid back down on the crimson sofa and was stretching. He stretched his arms up over his head and past the arm of the sofa, arching his back in the process. This caused his shirt to ride up, revealing the cool gleam of his navel piercing.

Changmin watched, entranced, as Jaejoong ran a coral tongue over ruby lips. Even from across the room Changmin could see how swollen Jaejoong's lips were from Yoochun's kisses. There was even a purple spot on his neck where Yoochun had marked him.

All thoughts of food fled Changmin's mind for the first time in his twenty years of life. Suddenly, the only thing he wanted to taste was Jaejoong's mouth. What the hell? He felt light headed. His heart was racing a mile a minute. This can't be happening, he thought to himself. This CANNOT be happening! I like girls. I HAVE a girlfriend. Jaejoong is my best friend. That's all. Friends. Boy friends. I mean MALE! MALE friends! Changmin was seriously starting to freak out when someone tapped him on the shoulder.


Junsu jumped back.

"Sorry, Min, didn't mean to startle you." he said with a grin. Junsu asked Changmin where his Hyung was and Min points a shaky finger at Jaejoong who was now sitting next to Yoochun across the room. The look on Min's face makes Junsu ask,

"Is something wrong?"

Min jumped again.
"Nothings wrong! Why do you think anything is wrong, what could possibly be wrong? Just what are you saying Hyung?"

His response confuses Junsu, but Junsu's thoughts are all on the hot guy waiting for him downstairs so he lets it slide.
"I'm leaving. Would you please let Jaejoong know?"

Min says bitterly,
"Sure, if I can peel Yoochun off him for a second."

Junsu is startled by the disgruntlement in Changmin's voice. Su stares at him for a second thinking, He almost sounds...nah.

Su thinks to himself that he could stand here all night and plumb the mysteries of Changmin's strange behavior or he could go spend the evening having multiple orgasms with Yunho. Junsu, being smarter than Changmin likes to give him credit for, chooses the latter.

Patting Min on the shoulder he smiles brightly and says,
"Okay, thanks!" And leaves.

When Junsu gets downstairs it is to find that Yunho has already hailed a cab to take them to his place.

Su tells the driver that they won't be needing him after all, grabs Yunho's hand and starts to lead him down the street.
Yunho wants to know if they are going to Junsu's place instead? He asks Junsu again what his name is and Junsu stops walking. Dropping Yunho's hand Junsu turns to face him.

"Look," Su tells him firmly, "Don't ask me any questions and I won't have to lie to you. I am not single, I haven't told my family that I like men and when I sleep with a guy it is only a one time thing. No names. No phone numbers and no addresses. That way there is no way of contacting each other." Gesturing between himself and Yunho Su continues,
"This will never go any further. I am not looking for a boyfriend or even a lover. Up there? On Yoochun's balcony? Is the first round two I've ever had with a one night stand. You told me your first name, don't tell me any more or I'm gone."

Pointing in the direction they had been walking a moment before Junsu says,
"I am willing to go up the street here, find a love hotel and let you fuck me, but it ends there. If you can't accept that tell me now and we'll go our separate ways."

Yunho points out, "But, you've been to my house. You already know where I live."

Junsu shakes his head, "I didn't get into the cab until after you had given the driver your address and I kept my eyes closed the entire way. I have no idea where you live. Now, do you want to do this or not?"

Yunho is quiet for a minute, then nods and Junsu sets off again. As Yunho follows the shorter man, he thinks over what was said and all the implications.

They finally find a love hotel that doesn't look sleazy and step inside. Junsu walks over to the lighted board, looks it over for a minute and makes his selection. Then he heads over to where two hands could be seen in a small opening set into a pane of frosted glass and pays for the room. Yunho notices that he paid for the entire night.

They step into the elevator and hit 2. Then Junsu grabs Yunho's face and kisses him, hard. Yunho grabs onto Junsu's hips and pushes until Su's back is against the doors and Yunho is plastered to him from lips to thighs.

All too soon they reach the second floor and the doors start to slide open making them lose their balance. They stumble into the hall, but manage to regain their footing. It should have been a moment of shared humor, but neither one laughed.

Taking Yunho's hand, Junsu leads him to their room. Upon entering Yunho sees that the room Junsu chose was plain, minimalist even and dominated by a king sized bed. While Junsu is locking the door Yunho wanders into the room. There is a bathroom attached, nothing fancy.

He turns back to find Junsu watching him with hooded eyes. Yunho gives him a look that says what? and Junsu just shakes his head as if to say nothing.

Yunho holds his hand out and Junsu comes forward to take it. The first two times they were together were dominated by lust and urgency and from the way they acted in the elevator it seemed like the rest of tonight wouldn't be any different. They don't know why, but the urgency was gone.

For Yunho, the fact that Junsu paid for the whole night seemed to indicate that he wasn't going to run off as soon as they were done like last time.

For Junsu it was because they were in a place that held no part of either one's lives. He could relax because there was just the moment. And something else, something that Junsu would never have thought would make a difference. For the first time he knew his lover's name, and had been with him before. He knew Yunho's taste and the sounds he made when he came. Novel experiences for a man who was manic about keeping this side of himself a secret, to keep it from touching the lives of his loved ones.

They slowly undress each other, taking their time, kissing and touching. They've slept together twice, but neither time included any kind of exploration. That was normal for Junsu whose encounters with men were, more often than not, just a quickie in the bathroom of a club. He didn't quite know how to handle this kind of lovemaking.

He liked it, and that made him feel like he was weakening. Here he was sleeping with the same man for the third time and he knew his name. Junsu felt like he was losing control. He can't let these things happen because he can't take the chance of falling in love.

Wanting to bring things back to familiar ground, Junsu tries to reach into Yunho's partially undone jeans to speed him along, but Yunho avoids his grasp. When he tries again Yunho just pushes Su's near naked form onto the bed and pins his hands to his sides. Then he proceeds to nuzzle Junsu's neck causing Su to shiver at the sensation.

The satin sheets are slippery and cool against Junsu's overheated skin. Taking his time, Yunho licks and kisses his way down Junsu's chest and abdomen. Arriving at the waistband of Junsu's boxers Yunho lets go of Junsu's arms and pulls them off.
(A/N: the boxers, not his arms ;p)

Junsu reaches out as Yunho's mouth engulfs him and tangles his hands in Yunho's hair. It doesn't take long before Yunho's talented tongue has brought Junsu to the edge of his endurance. Gasping and panting he tugs on Yunho's hair and Yunho complies with the unspoken demand, sliding Junsu out of his mouth with one more long sucking motion that causes Junsu to moan.

Quickly, taking off the rest of his own clothes Yunho pulls the lube out of his pocket and starts to coat his fingers so that he can prep the man before him.

"No," comes the husky voice of the man he is kneeling in front of. "I don't need it."

Junsu takes the lube out of Yunho's hands and coats Yunho's cock with it. He takes his time to pleasure Yunho as he does so, squeezing and tugging until Yunho grips his wrist. Then he tosses the tube of lubricant aside, not caring where it lands.

Yunho maneuvers a pillow underneath his lover's hips and bending Su's right leg back against his chest, Yunho guides himself into the smaller man. Pushing forward gently, Yunho groans as he breaches the outer ring and slides home. When he is all the way in he pauses so that they can catch their breath a little.

He has never been with anyone who took him so easily and yet was still so tight. It was as if the man was made for this.

He kisses Junsu, first on one of his closed eyelids, then on the forehead and then he takes Su's mouth. They are too out of breath to do more than press their lips together, but it is the sweetest kiss Junsu has ever received.

Right leg still hooked over Yunho's arm, he wraps his left leg around Yunho's hip and takes a death grip on the beige satin sheets beneath him as Yunho starts to move. Pulling halfway out before sliding back into him, then pulling out almost all the way before pushing all the way back inside Yunho finds their comfort zone. Soon Yunho is rocking Junsu's body to a steady rhythm, keeping time with Junsu's pants and his own moans.

They hold out for as long as they can, neither one wanting it to be over quickly. Both knowing reality waited on the other side of their mounting pleasure. Eventually, Yunho starts to reach that point where he knows he won't last much longer and tilting his hips, he angles up into Junsu looking for that one special spot so that he can take the other man with him.

The way that Junsu cries out and arches his back lets Yunho know that he has found it. Repeating the motion he picks up the pace and hits Junsu harder.

Junsu has ceased to have the strength to meet Yunho's thrusts, all he can do is take what Yunho is giving him. To lay there as the other man pushes him to his own release. Junsu can feel it coming as Yunho repeatedly hits his prostate and rocks his hard abs against Junsu's throbbing member. With a loud cry, not quite a scream, Junsu comes between them, his semen coating both of them as Yunho continues to thrust into him. He doesn't last much longer than Junsu though and soon Yunho is coming inside him for the second time that night.

Coming down a moment later Yunho realizes he might be too heavy for the smaller man. He slides out of Junsu and rolls to the side, resting his head on Su's sweaty, still heaving shoulder.

Orgasmic high fading, Su is starting to get uncomfortable with Yunho's nearness. Junsu doesn't do afterglow. His m.o. is to get up and leave. Getting ready to do just that he pauses as Yunho says,

"You're going to stay awhile right?" And he finds himself agreeing.

"I need to clean up though, and so do you."

Yunho says, "Lets take a bath together."

Junsu agrees and goes into the bathroom to start the water. While he is doing this Yunho jumps up. Quickly getting their phones out he puts his number into Junsu's and Junsu's number into his. Then looking for information, he brings up the messages received function and opens the first message listed.

It is from a 'Hyung' who tells Junsu to remember to pick up green tea ice cream, apparently someone named Eun Bi is craving it and they are almost out.

So...Junsu is the man's name. Yunho notices that Junsu's wallpaper is a pretty young woman and he remembers Junsu telling him earlier that night that he wasn't single. He doesn't have time to think of this right now so he quickly puts their phones away and goes to join Junsu in the tub.


Changmin has calmed down a bit, but his mind is feeling overloaded. He doesn't notice Jae approaching him.

"Changmin. Come to bed with us." Jaejoong and Yoochun are standing in front of Min, looking at him expectantly.


"I said, come to the bedroom and play video games with us. What did you think I said?"

Min just shakes his head and then follows them down the hall.

Yoochun's third bedroom had been made into a game room. He had every imaginable console, several networked computers and even a snack bar. There was a connecting door that lead between it and Yoochun's room. If Changmin were his usual self he would have enjoyed it.

They play back and forth and Min ends up falling asleep on the sofa waiting for his turn. Getting tired himself, Jaejoong tells Yoochun, "I should get him home."

Yoochun says to Jaejoong,
"Don't wake him. Just crash here for the night."

Jaejoong accepts Yoochun's offer and he and Yoochun head towards Yoochun's bedroom. After spending so much time with Yoochun, Jaejoong is totally comfortable with the other man and relaxed enough to kid about their "relationship".

"Don't think you're going to get a piece of this." Jaejoong jokes, rubbing his own ass.

Reaching out his hand Yoochun strokes the cleft of Jaejoong's rear.
"Baby, I own that ass."

Min, awake, sees them and is jealous.



A/N: Okay, so the JaeMin has begun. I think it progresses pretty quickly now that it has started. I'll post again tomorrow.

Thanks so much for reading!

Comments are <3!

Cast Pics!

The lovely Kim Jaejoong! Okay. So I put in the smaller pic, but I added a second one!

The exquisite Shim Changmin!

Horikita Maki

The charismatic Kim Junsu!


The aegyo Jung Yunho!


The sultry Park Yoochun!

The delectable Joo Jihoon!

Kim Heechul. How can you not love Chullie!

Kang Eun Bi. Blech!

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Benevolent Dictatoramouralamer on August 26th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
Yep, you're first!
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Benevolent Dictatoramouralamer on August 27th, 2008 12:21 am (UTC)
You figured it out! LOL! I was hoping to keep it a secret for as long as possible!

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joongiejjannameg on August 27th, 2008 01:26 am (UTC)
you know ILY right?!!

gracias! yo quiero muchos jaemin y yunjae!!^^
LOL. thats spanish for you^^

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Sorry...no real YunJae here. JaeMin and HoSu...that I can do!:)

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hollyhock: fu awesomehollyhockyuu on August 27th, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
Yay!! Minnie you need to mark your territory and say to that dandy (Sorry Chunnie...) that Joongie belongs to you >.>
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Omo! Your icon cracks me up every time I see it! I almost can't look at it!XDDDDD

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I like the JaeChun too. :) I like a jealous Changmin as well. XD
hardlychosenhardlychosen on August 27th, 2008 05:45 am (UTC)
WAH!!! So my Minnie has come to terms with his jealousy!!!

Such an improvement for my Min!!! I wonder what will happen next? What about Susu and Yunnie? It seems like eveyone is tampering with someone else's life in this fic..

Aigoo.. If this was my life.. Well, I'd just be unhappy because the girls are getting no love. Haha, but then again, who cares about them, right?


Keep up the amazing work!
Benevolent Dictatoramouralamer on August 27th, 2008 10:41 am (UTC)
I don't think Min has come to terms with it! XD He's definitely feeling it though!

And yeah, everyone is connected to everyone else.

狡猾な女: OMGackt!_fujitsu_ on August 27th, 2008 06:03 am (UTC)
can't wait for the next chapterrrrrr!!!!!
I was a little bit shocked by HoSu... O.o but... it was... emmm... aaa.... this way
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lol at junsu who says the opposite of what he thinks XD i bet he's falling for Yunho eh? and i thought yunho would still be sad about jaechun, but looks like he's moved on

poor min T_T i hope he gets his share soon XD lol!

Benevolent Dictatoramouralamer on August 27th, 2008 10:45 am (UTC)
*snickers* I was hoping that would surprise people! XD

Yunho keeps saying he's over Jaejoong, but no one believes him!

And yeah...Min will get his! *pervertedsmile*
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Oh gosh Min~ you're too cute! (but I have a feeling he might figure out their whole plan before the 6 months are up~ he's just that smart...and that jealous XD)

OMO~ Yunho and Junsu!?! Just give in Junsu, you know you want to~ (I guess Yunho got some conniving from Yoochun...putting his number into Junsu's phone. ^^ Clever~ )

Have fun at the beach, dear~ ♥
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Finally some JaeMin! More on the way!

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